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Scott Rosen anticipation he had closed the accord aback the appealing albino 20-something got up to use the bathroom. The 55-year-old with a abbreviating aerial and afresh apprenticed shirt downed a $12 vodka cranberry as he waited for his ambition to coast aback to the cobweb daybed he active on the patio of YOLO, a chic restaurant on Fort Lauderdale’s Las Olas Boulevard.

curly-medium-length-haired-girl-drawing-hair-curly-hair ..
curly-medium-length-haired-girl-drawing-hair-curly-hair .. anime girl curly hairstyles

It was about 2 a.m. — closing time at the nightspot — and the white babble of postparty affairs and absurd bar badinage abounding the contrarily quiet Saturday night. The table was adorned with a candle, and Rosen’s brand custom Rolex reflected the blaze into a ablaze gold mosaic.

Rosen, whose taut, agile anatomy resembles that of Sopranos wiseguy Uncle Paulie, would never allege to that albino again. “In about 30 abnormal flat,” Rosen recalls, a altered woman abutting him on the cobweb sofa. The striking, five-foot-six Rihanna look-alike wore her long, coiled beard pulled to one side. Moments later, she beckoned a albino affliction in a light-blue dress.

Rosen wasn’t abundant absorbed in Rihanna, but the fair-haired, agile one was aloof his type. He didn’t appetite to appearance his cards too quickly, though, so he issued an invitation. “Hey, do you guys appetite to go accept a booze at my clandestine bar?” he asked.

Then Rosen affronted to his babysitter of eight years, Scott Hostler. “Bring up the car,” he said. Anon the white Cadillac DTS with a authorization bowl account RUTHLES formed into the annular driveway alfresco YOLO. As Rosen clambered into the aback bench with the girls, the alone affair the blinged-out available could anticipate about was what would appear aback at his beach address already they peeped his 60-foot yacht.

Conversation was minimal. The Rihanna look-alike, who had alien herself as “Crystal,” chattered a bit, but the albino wasn’t abundant of a talker.

After a 20-minute drive up I-95, they chock-full in his driveway. With a flash and a nod, Rosen beatific home his gun-strapped bodyguard; afresh the three headed inside. Hey, I’m a distinct guy, he articular with his four-drink-deep brain. What’s the affliction that could happen?

After Hostler left, Crystal asked for a bout of Rosen’s boat, Chandelle, which was docked outside. LED lights on the accouter railings twinkled like chunk as they reflected off the Intracoastal.

In the house, the albino took a cigar from the kitchenette and lit up. She afresh proceeded to the active room, breadth she pulled a canteen of Ketel One from the bar and alloyed three cocktails. Ten account passed. Rosen and Crystal ambled up the 20-foot blooming application that led to a ample sliding canteen aperture and abutting the albino in the active room.

The aftermost affair Rosen remembers is biconcave into the sofa’s atramentous leather. Afterwards what seemed like seconds, the central of his eyelids austere red from the ablaze seeping into the adept bedroom. He awoke with a alpha at 9:30 a.m. — far afterwards than accustomed — to acquisition himself alone and absolutely clothed. The alone affair he wasn’t cutting from the night afore was his diamond-encrusted Rolex, an emphasis that had been replaced by a bang on his forehead. Aloft analytic his home, he begin several added things missing: a Smith & Wesson snub-nose revolver, two Glock 9mm handguns, and three 3.5-carat marquise diamonds. In total, he was out abutting to $318,000 in swag.

The adventure of Crystal and her cohort, forth with two added women, fabricated account about the apple aftermost summer. Badge said four women had ripped off dozens of men during a yearlong abomination spree, which best conspicuously included demography about a half-million dollars from a 350-pound NFL arresting tackle.

This accomplished June, Subhanna Beyah, AKA Crystal, the 25-year-old agitator of the artful changeable thieves, was arrested and answerable with ripping off 13 men and authoritative off with $1,281,769 in jewelry, guns, cash, and acreage including a Cadillac Escalade. Two added women — 25-year-old Johninna Miller and 27-year-old Keshia Clark — were arrested for their accord in the betray and accept afterwards affirmed out. Ryan Elkins, the babe of a badge arch and the babe who alloyed Rosen’s Ketel One, is on the lam.

Beyah, interviewed in jail, says she’s innocent. The chameleon of a woman — who has appeared in 15 South Florida mug shots with aloof as abounding hairstyles — says her ability of YOLO is bound to the Drake lyric.

And acceptance the affirmation at aboriginal glance seems overwhelming, she aloof ability get abroad with it. The reason: Best of the men complex — including New York Giants accouterment Shaun Rogers — who originally appear the thefts accept backed off rather than affirm in court. All that abide are Scott Rosen and addition man, who claims the brace took him for about $30,000. “God forbid some pimp comes afterwards me,” Rosen says. “But I’m ready.”

Before Rosen decides to move forward, though, he ability do able-bodied to abstraction the case of John Bolaris. The 53-year-old was the highest-paid TV weatherman in Philadelphia, earning $540,000 per year accustomed forecasts on Fox 29, aback he encountered an organized abomination arena of Eastern European women in 2010. Each year afterwards sweeps anniversary in backward March, he and his associate Chris Wragge would arch to South Florida for a three-day golf cruise — application Wragge’s CBS Sports accreditation to hit the best absolute links. “Just distinct guys in Miami accepting fun,” Bolaris now says of the pilgrimage.

But on March 27, 2010, Wragge had to abolish at the aftermost minute aback his bang-up asked him to awning the NCAA basketball championship. Bolaris, who had already purchased a alike ticket, absitively to fly solo. Aback he accomplished South Beach, he hit his mainstay — the chichi Delano Auberge — for dinner. It was the atom he had frequented during the 20 years he spent accoutrement hurricanes in Florida, and he about consistently ran into addition he knew there. At the Delano, the raw bar is set up as a continued common dining table, and beyond from him that Saturday night sat two exotic, dark-haired beauties demography cell-phone photos of themselves. Tourists, he anticipation as he munched on hamachi, salmon, and a bit of toro that he done bottomward with some miso soup.

Next, he confused to a dimly lit alfresco breadth with a life-size chess set and an beyond pool. Bolaris, a bespectacled man cutting a alive accouterments of jeans and a white accepted with a $15,000 Breit­ling watch, noticed the two women had followed him. But he paid them no apperception as he sat in a poolside cabana with a $17 cocktail and addition adolescent woman.

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Suddenly, Marina Vladimira Turcina and Anna Kilimatova came up abaft him, massaged his shoulders, and goaded him to booty a shot. Afterwards Bolaris banned assorted times, the women agee his arch aback and affected a fruity-flavored brew bottomward his throat, he says.

“Guess breadth we’re from?” Bolaris recalls the beautiful yet adult Europeans allurement in unison.

“I don’t know. Poland?” the afar TV personality asked, activity a little adrift but additionally admiring to the women he would afterwards call as girl-next-door types.

Turcina, who was 24, and Kilimatova, 25, plied him with compliments. “You are the acclimate presenter, no?” one asked.

“Well, I don’t accept my alarm with me appropriate now,” he remembers responding.

Bolaris didn’t apperceive he was actuality targeted by two of the ten Eastern European women who had catholic to the United States on counterfeit visas to assignment as able sirens on South Beach.

Referred to as b-girls (or canteen girls) by the FBI, they would pale out watering holes in the area, aces up biting men, and ask them to stop for one added booze on the way home. They would afresh allurement the men to one of six accessories on Washington Avenue, breadth a $5 canteen of albino ability bulk $1,000. Time afterwards time, the b-girls’ endgame was accepting tourists to adjustment as abundant booze as possible. They would adumbrate the airheaded or beating them off tables if their targets inquired about the prices. Women such as Turcina and Kilimatova would get 20 percent of whatever they awkward out of their victims.

anime girl (curly hair style) by Naki-Ren on DeviantArt anime girl curly hairstyles
anime girl (curly hair style) by Naki-Ren on DeviantArt anime girl curly hairstyles anime girl curly hairstyles

On the way aback to Bolaris’ allowance at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Turcina and Kilimatova asked him to go to a Haiti abatement account captivated at a abode declared Caviar Bar. He remembers departure the cab, that the windows were blacked out, and not abundant else.

Next affair he knew for sure, he was alone in his auberge apartment with a abstruse painting of a woman’s head. He had no abstraction how abundant he had paid for it. He had alone the vaguest anamnesis of signing three checks. Geez, that’s embarrassing, he thought, chalking up his anamnesis blooper to bubbler too abundant and not accepting eaten enough.

He somehow agreed to a additional affair and blacked out afresh at Caviar Bar, breadth Turcina would afterwards affirm that Bolaris had defecated in his pants because he couldn’t authority his liquor. It was alone two weeks afterwards aback he abstruse about the $16,517.37 and $27,194.88 accuse to his American Express card. The painting he didn’t bethink affairs had bulk him $2,480.

Bolaris had no band of these purchases. And it turns out there were dozens of men in agnate positions. Afterwards he appear the crime, the FBI began investigating and anon articular 88 declared victims through acclaim agenda records. But aback authorities began contacting them, few capital to columnist charges. “They are accommodating to booty the banking hit to save face,” says Tamara Lave, a University of Miami assistant specializing in bent law. “Maybe aback they aboriginal filed the report, they were angry. Time passes and they don’t appetite to go through the embarrassment of the balloon process. They don’t appetite to be cross-examined.”

In the end, alone a scattering of men testified, including Bolaris and a archimage from Las Vegas declared Brett Daniels.

Ultimately, the man who ran Caviar Bar, Stan Pavlenko, was bedevilled to 78 months in prison. Turnica and Kilimatova pleaded accusable to one calculation of cabal to accomplish wire fraud. They both got acclaim for time served, spent three years on supervised release, and paid $44,605.05 and $15,454.99, respectively, in restitution.

Asked if he abjure advancing advanced to address the b-girls, Bolaris gives an acute 15-second abeyance afore admitting, “Yes.” He was accursed from his job on Christmas Eve 2012 ten account afore airtime. His accompany alone him, and his daughter, Sophie, was aloof about the age aback she could Google her daddy’s name and see account such as “Real-Life The Hangover Destroys Horny Philadelphia Acclimate Man’s Life.”

“It was the affliction time of my able activity and the affliction time of my claimed life, afar from my parents casual away,” he tells New Times. He says he’s speaking from a abandoned bend of a gym breadth he works out because he “can’t assurance anyone.”

“I’ve been the base of jokes, been taken abroad from what I adulation to do, and fabricated my little babe awful upset.” He says the 7-year-old had to go to analysis and would ask her analyst anniversary afterwards week: “What absolutely happened with Daddy and those two women?”

Bolaris says he spent three years affronted American Express to get the accuse rescinded. He got the money back, but he’s abstruse some acquaint forth the way. “Make abiding you’re actual acquainted of your surroundings, leave your acclaim agenda at home, and beware of ever affable people,” he says. “And never adhere by yourself in Miami.”

Subhanna Beyah wants to agreeableness you, alike aback she’s dressed in bastille apparel and abaft canteen at the Paul Rein Detention Facility in Pompano Beach. Asked about her case, Beyah activity like an anime appearance and about comes off as shy.

But aback pressed, she goes abounding Jedi. “The accuse adjoin me are ridiculous,” she asserts while blurred her arch and audacious with her anesthetic eyes. “You apperceive what I’m saying?”

Rihanna, Beyah says, is her idol because “she doesn’t affliction what bodies anticipate about her.” Although her bark is pocked with abscess afterwards six months abaft bars, she tries her best to advance appearances. For example: Acceptance she was affected to abolish a acute in her larboard eyebrow, she’s begin a makeshift, prison-approved backup in a comb’s tooth.

She was built-in in the Brooklyn adjacency of East New York and aloft by her grandmother, Ameenah Beyah. She has Saudi Arabian roots on her father’s side, she says, and is a adherent Muslim. She keeps a archetype of the Koran in her cell. She doesn’t like to allocution about herself much, acceptance she says her best aspect is that she “doesn’t adjudicator others.” She blushes aback anecdotic her children, who are 1 and 7 years old.

Beyah paints herself as a music lover. She started a recording business, Diversity Records, in 2011. It was aloof demography off when, she says, the cops affianced a cord of robberies on her — acceptance she had done nothing. She won’t name the one artisan on her almanac label’s agenda for abhorrence of damaging his reputation. Although she’s vague, she claims to accept formed with some of South Florida’s better hip-hop stars, including Haitian rapper Billy Blue and the Teflon Don himself, Rick Ross (whose agent, Gabriel Tesoriero, didn’t acknowledge to requests for comment).

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Although there are no account belief about or amusing media attendance for Diversity Records, Florida accompaniment annal appearance Beyah was the buyer of a aggregation by that name, which was registered to a auberge apartment at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. She has the name of Opa-locka rapper Brisco tattooed on her hand, but she refuses to say why. (Brisco’s manager, Jit, has never heard of Beyah or Diversity Records. “She charge aloof be a actual big fan,” he says afterwards phoning the “Bitch, I’m From Dade County” rapper for confirmation. “As far as we know, that’s breadth it stops.”)

Beyah additionally believes the cops are out to get her (“They anticipate all atramentous bodies attending the same”), the johns aren’t innocent (“They act like they’re all angels and I’m the Devil, but no one asks what they were accomplishing bringing women aback to their places”), and the accuse adjoin her are antic (“If I aloof blanket a bisected a actor dollars’ account of jewelry, I’d be in the freakin’ South of France!).

Though Beyah is affronted that the Broward Sheriff’s Office has corrective her as a bent mastermind, her clue almanac proves she’s no drifter to the affectionate of delinquency she’s been accused of in South Florida. In 2009, New York badge accused her of alive with two accomplices and scamming abutting to 50 men, some of whom were activating attorneys and New York University professors. In the end, though, she was bedevilled alone of adorable one man to an ATM, watching as he punched in his PIN, and afresh acrimonious the agenda from his abridged central a cab. She served 207 canicule at Rikers Island.

In 2012, Beyah confused the betray to South Florida. One of her aboriginal targets was 33-year-old Sergio Montesinos, who captivated a allegorical bulk of booze July 29. The Spanish civic says he began his vacation in Miami at Nikki Beach and drank until 11 p.m. He down-covered at the Delano Auberge and woke at 2 a.m. to resume the party, bustling bottles until about 11 a.m. at Club Space. Afresh he stumbled into a auto that was serendipitously cat-and-mouse appropriate alfresco the venue’s access at NE 11th Street.

Beyah hopped into the cab afterwards allurement permission, he afterwards told police. Rather than recoil, Montesinos laughed. She explained she was a Canadian academy apprentice on vacation in Florida and rode aback to the Delano with him.

Once they arrived, Beyah caked Montesinos a whiskey from the room’s minibar. She afresh told him to booty off his watch and get added comfortable. He fell comatose as she began to rub chrism on his chest and woke up about an hour afterwards to apprehension his Daytona Rolex, account 20,000 euros, missing, forth with 2,400 euros in banknote that he had buried in the room’s safe. The faceplate of the basement had been ripped apple-pie off. Although cops articular Beyah by a lipstick book larboard on a canteen in the room, the accompaniment took no activity in the case. Montesinos never got his watch or his banknote back.

“It was a assignment to say, ‘Don’t be in Miami with your admirable Rolex assuming off and acclimation bottles,'” Montesinos warns. “In my country I can do that, but acutely you cannot in Miami.”

It was about this time aback Beyah allegedly met Ryan Elkins, a 23-year-old Staten Island built-in with no balance emphasis and no remorse. She was built-in the babe of a New York City Badge detective declared Jeff and began cheating out of the abode to affair at age 16.

Anime Curly Hair, Wavy Hair, Messy Hair, Long Hair, - Anime ..
Anime Curly Hair, Wavy Hair, Messy Hair, Long Hair, – Anime .. anime girl curly hairstyles

She was brainwashed by a pimp declared Prince, her parents say. In July 2011, she catholic to Miami as allotment of a rehabilitation affairs for sex-trafficked youths. It didn’t work. Elkins had a son with Prince in June 2012.

Elkins began burglary Rolexes anon after. Her aboriginal attack did not go as planned.

In September 2012, Ryan Elkins and addition woman met two brothers, Steve and Conrad Mitchell, at the Seminole Adamantine Rock Auberge & Casino in Hollywood. The men, who lived in Aventura, appropriate they get a allowance at the Hyatt in Dania Beach. There, Elkins approved to accord Steve a massage. As he lay on the bed, she appropriate he booty off his Rolex. Aback he banned assorted times, Elkins removed it afterwards allurement and placed it on a adjacent nightstand.

After a abbreviate while, she chock-full abruptly and claimed she bare article to eat. She ran out of the room. Moments later, Steve noticed his watch was gone and chased afterwards her, accomplished his brother and the added woman, who were sitting on a couch in the active room. Cops bent up with Elkins in advanced of a adjacent auberge and threw her into a convoying car with the added woman, who had backward abaft at the Hyatt.

“Don’t worry,” Elkins told her, according to the badge report. “They’ve got annihilation on us. Aloof don’t say anything. They won’t acquisition anything.”

“When they run my name, they’ll acquisition out I’m actuality illegally,” said the added woman, who was never answerable with a crime.

Elkins acquainted a ache of guilt. “If we accord aback the watch, will you let my acquaintance go?” she asked the cops afore removing it from her vagina. She was appear on $5,000 band and bootless to appearance up at cloister hearings afterward.

“As a parent, it’s a sad, sad story,” Ryan Elkins’ ancestor told New Times afore crumbling to animadversion further, claiming affecting exhaustion.

Soon, Elkins and Beyah began alive as a aggregation in Fort Lauderdale, annal show. They trolled a band of flush lounges on Las Olas Boulevard. A victim — who asked not to be declared or alike declared in this adventure for abhorrence of able embarrassment — remembers affair them at YOLO one night in February 2013 about 10 p.m.

He noticed Beyah aback she was actuality abrupt to the bartender. “Be a little added civil,” he remembers affecting her afore she apologized. She and Elkins sidled up to him and began chatting, he says. He had been bubbler aback 6 that night, he says, and his academician was already a little cloudy.

Eventually, an abettor at YOLO chock-full the man on his way out of the bathroom. “Be careful,” the abettor said. “I anticipate those girls are hookers.”

So aloft sitting aback down, he erect asked them: “Hey, are you guys hookers?”

His catechism was met with laughter. Beyah bought her -to-be victim a cocktail. “Hookers don’t buy drinks,” she said as she placed it on the bar.

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Apparently convinced, he took the women aback to his abode adjacent afterwards endlessly to aces up an big-ticket canteen of albino on the way. Beyah caked drinks. Her victim took alone a sip or two afore she comatose on his bed and Elkins aloof to the bathroom. Aback Elkins came out, she was naked. She pulled her ambition into the shower, and the two began kissing.

“I didn’t accept sex with her, but I acquainted her up,” he recalls.

Next affair he knew, he acquainted woozy. He remembers Beyah and Elkins adage they bare to get article from their car and they’d be appropriate back.

He woke up several times throughout the night. At one point, he noticed his $25,000 Rolex Daytona was missing from his wrist. Still, he was about paralyzed. It took a few hours for him to apprehend his $14,500 Rolex Explorer II was gone as well. He declared police, who showed up about 4 a.m., but afresh slept through their arrival. He would ultimately be agape out for about 20 hours.

After actuality swindled for about 40 grand, the man says he won’t attending at affiliation ability the aforementioned way again. “I took an attentive array of attending at myself and chock-full bubbler for a while,” he says. “I bare to reevaluate things.”

He can accept why others are afraid to abet with police. “It’s an awkward thing,” he says. “All my accompany know.”

This accomplished June, Beyah met Shaun Rogers, a 34-year-old arresting accouterment for the New York Giants who earns $433,000 a year, at the Fontainebleau bistro LIV, according to police.

The two partied until the aboriginal hours of the morning and afresh headed to adjacent Jerry’s Deli with a aggregation of Rogers’ friends. The accumulation concluded up aback at the athlete’s auberge allowance about 7 a.m. That’s where, badge say, Beyah benumbed her victim and opened the room’s safe.

According to a address filed with the Miami Beach Badge Department, she took about $500,000 account of adornment — including $100,000 in design earrings and a $100,000 Audemars Piguet wristwatch.

New York Accompaniment Badge detectives arrested her in Queens June 28. Miami Beach Badge Det. Grant Reid flew arctic and interviewed her. According to a taped transcript, the chat went this way:

Anime Fun: Short Anime Girl Messy Hair anime girl curly hairstyles
Anime Fun: Short Anime Girl Messy Hair anime girl curly hairstyles anime girl curly hairstyles

Detective Reid: Why did you leave Miami?

Beyah: Because aback I heard about the Shaun Rogers affair on the news, I knew you would be attractive for me.

Reid: Aloof acquaint us breadth the adornment is so we can acknowledgment it to Shaun, please.

Beyah: You won’t be able to get it back.

Reid: Why not?

Beyah: You aloof won’t.

Reid: How do you apperceive the watch is absolute aback you abduct it?

Beyah: It’s hard.

Reid: Do they feel the same, like weight?

Beyah: Some of the absolutely acceptable affected ones are heavy. You accept to accessible that bits up. Afresh it’s like all artificial on the inside.

Reid: You apperceive you’re in some actual austere trouble, right?

Beyah: I don’t care. I accept been in the arrangement aback I was 14. I am able to do bristles years on this. I’m activity to get a bad-ass advocate and action it through.

Beyah didn’t accept to action annihilation in that case, though. Cops talked to Rogers alone already afterwards the robbery, in September.

Rogers — who has additionally played for the New Orleans Saints, the Detroit Lions, and the Cleveland Browns — has fabricated account in the past. In 2007, a stripper from Detroit accused the six-foot-four, 350-pound amateur of animal assault. (Charges were never filed due to abridgement of evidence.) Three years later, in 2010, he was arrested at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for accustomed a loaded gun in his luggage.

Rogers never batten to the media about either of those incidents, and his agent, Kennard McGuire, did not acknowledge to requests for animadversion about the declared altercation with Beyah. This accomplished December 18, the accompaniment was affected to bead all accuse because he insisted on actual silent. A agent for the Miami-Dade Accompaniment Attorney’s Office said the bureau had approved and bootless to ability Rogers at his NFL training affected in New Jersey and at his home in Texas.

Moreover, Beyah claims she was affected and didn’t alike apperceive about the robbery until a acquaintance declared her and said she was all over the news. She afresh Googled Rogers and was abashed to see her name pop up in the chase results.

“I’ve never apparent [Elkins] in my life,” she says. “And I had never heard of Shaun Rogers until this. Do I attending like I affliction about football? I affliction about music.”

With Rogers abandoning the case, there aloof aren’t abounding plaintiffs left. Scott Rosen, the Pompano Beach playboy taken for $318,000, is bent to advance advanced with the case. “What is it, like 30 or 40 times you gotta rob bodies afore you go to prison?” he says. “They charge to be monitored, these girls.”

The actuality that Beyah is still adverse up to 20 years in bastille for actionable acquittal in Miami isn’t abundant for Rosen, who seems annoyed by his encounter. Interviewed afresh in his beige-tiled, spartan active allowance in Pompano Beach, he lifts a golf polo shirt to appearance the gun he carries on his appropriate hip. He says he now keeps a weapon in every allowance of his home and on his boat.

The appointment with the two prostitutes, he says, could accept dead him. The cocktail that Elkins alloyed was potentially lethal. “People say it’s not a agitated crime,” he says. “But what if I was demography some affectionate of medication? I could accept had a biologic overdose.”

Detectives alive the case, he insists, “are not active enough.” To date, alone one victim has recovered any jewelry.

A few months ago, Rosen adds, he was at the courthouse with a detective who was alive the case for the Broward Sheriff’s Office aback he saw a woman he anticipation looked like Elkins. He panicked. “I had her pulled out of the elevator,” Rosen says. “But it wasn’t her.”

After about 15 account of close conversation, Rosen relaxes, active his award adjoin the legs of his light-wash jeans. He sprawls out on a barstool as he invites a anchorman to cafeteria with him, his brother, and his niece. “You accept to understand,” he says to explain abroad his jumpiness, “a robbery took abode here. You can’t assurance anyone.”

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SRC – Batch12 by ZenithOmocha on DeviantArt in 12 | Art .. anime girl curly hairstyles
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