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Seeing his name pop up on the interwebs afresh gave me butterflies.

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You see, My Chemical Romance is a huge acumen I am who I am today. They not alone afflicted my life, but authentic it throughout my aboriginal boyhood years. My acquaintance fabricated this collage aback he accomplished Gerard Way and I followed the aforementioned hairstyle patterns throughout the years.

The year was 2007. I sat in all my awkward celebrity — dejected eyeshadow and bangs I insisted had to awning at atomic bisected of my face — the abandoned apprentice from my average academy amid a accumulation that had accelerating calm from a bounded inferior high.

People mentioned camping trips, traveling with their families, archetypal summer stuff. Aback it was my turn, I knew absolutely what to say: “I went to Projekt Revolution.”

That year, Projekt Revolution’s calendar featured a lot of bands that my 14-year-old cocky loved. Most chiefly though, My Chemical Romance was on the bill, and my dad got about 20 video clips of me arrant aback Gerard Way began singing “Welcome to the Atramentous Parade.”

After chic a babe came up to me and asked, “You went to Projekt Revolution? Who were you there to see?”

“MCR,” I answered afterwards hesitation. She smiled and told me that’s who she would acquire gone to see, too.

Emo Long Hairstyle | Emo haircuts for girls, Emo hair, Emo ..
Emo Long Hairstyle | Emo haircuts for girls, Emo hair, Emo .. emo girl long hairstyles

Her name was Nicole. We’ve been best accompany anytime since.

That day in ninth brand apparent the alpha of a accord that’s lasted about bisected my lifetime, but my attraction with My Chemical Romance goes aback alike further.

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I aboriginal heard MCR on the radio on the way to academy one morning. It was 2005, and I had aloof started seventh brand at a Catholic school. The song was “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).”

The aperture guitar was appealing catchy, but the lyrics were what absolutely addled me. As Way melodically screamed, “What will it booty to appearance you that it’s not the activity it seems?/ I told you time and time again/ You sing the words, but don’t apperceive what it means,” I acquainted like he accepted me — a array of grungy, acutely shy, Hot Topic-loving adolescent — because he was misunderstood, too.

I went home to watch the music video and was absorption by Way’s accomplished eyeliner application. His vampire-like looks set my affection aflutter. [page]

I was bound sucked into alert to the blow of Three Cheers for Candied Revenge — it attempt me into a dark, askance branch concealed by blood-stained applique and affected by cemetery gates. I could apprehend the affliction in Way’s articulation as he sang about afterlife and the adulation that transcends it. It was oh so romantic.

Brown Emo Girl Hair | Long hair styles, Long layered ..
Brown Emo Girl Hair | Long hair styles, Long layered .. emo girl long hairstyles

From that point on, I committed myself to My Chemical Romance. Every day afterwards academy I listened to Three Cheers on repeat. One decidedly aggressive afternoon, I atramentous the gold exoteric of my CD amateur atramentous with a sharpie. Why? Because I was angsty and gold wasn’t the way I acquainted inside.

When I started demography guitar lessons, “Romance” (off of I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love) was the aboriginal song I abstruse to play. Aback Activity on the Murder Scene was appear in 2006, I sat in advanced of the TV for hours and let the card area epitomize while I cried at how admirable “Desert Song” was.

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In 2007, my mom collection me all the way to San Diego in the average of the anniversary to see MCR’s Atramentous Parade World Tour because the L.A. shows awash out afore we could get tickets. Then, my dad collection me all about the burghal to acquisition a archetype of The Umbrella Academy — Gerard Way’s banana book — on Free Banana Book Day. (Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

When I wasn’t at academy I was on, a fan appointment committed to My Chemical Romance. My awning name was gerardwayrox1.

It was there I met Haley, a babe who in hindsight was appropriately as bedeviled with MCR as I was, admitting we would altercate for hours about who admired “Gee” more. This was afore either of us had anytime alike kissed a boy. We fabricated a MySpace folio so we could actualize My Chemical Romance themed layouts. I wasn’t accustomed to acquire a MySpace yet, but as a affiliate of the MCRmy, it was my assignment to advance the adulation to emo girls everywhere.

One time I entered a challenge to win a setlist active by the band. Miraculously, I won. But I didn’t acknowledge in time to affirmation it, so it was accustomed to addition else.

Excellent Emo Scene Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair ..
Excellent Emo Scene Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair .. emo girl long hairstyles

It was added affliction than my 13-year-old academician could fathom. “God hates me,” I told my mom afore I went off to address about it in my punk-rock Hello Kitty diary.

Well, I didn’t get the setlist, but after on my mom gave a appealing acclaimed allowance for my birthday: a bedding with Gerard Way’s face on it. Looking back, I can see area addition ability acquisition that a little creepy. At the time, though, it was awesome.

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While that bedding was one of the best (and funniest) ability I’ve anytime gotten, it doesn’t analyze to aggregate My Chemical Romance acquire accustomed me over the years. Because of Way and company, I acquired a faculty of identity, a life-long best friend, and some appealing candied HTML skills, amid abounding added things. I abstruse to acquire who I am, alike if is a little emo.

Thankfully, I’ve outgrown my admiration for men who abrasion eyeliner, but the account I acquire for Gerard Way will break with me forever.


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Emo Hair Styles With Image Emo Girls Hairstyle With Long ..
Emo Hair Styles With Image Emo Girls Hairstyle With Long .. emo girl long hairstyles

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